Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strawberry Cream vs Banana Split

Saturday was the football match between Chulalongkorn and Thamasat University, Bangkok. This was the 68th time they played each other. Naturally the stadium was packed. There were a few firsts there too for me

A pink football team

The revelry outdid the rivalry

For a football crowd it was so polite, it made me feel like I am sitting in a kindergarten school annual function. No one pushed, shoved or shouted any ones eardrums burst.

Combining football and carnival, this is Thailand’s answer to Brazil!

For every day of the week, there is a colour in Thai culture. Sunday – Red, Monday –Yellow, Tuesday – Pink, Wednesday –Green, Thursday – Orange, Friday – Light Blue and Saturday –Purple.

Because they do not have such notions as pink is for girls and blue is for boys, you see people of all gender wearing all colours. Yes, you also see people of all gender, wearing all colours, in all directions, doing all kinds of things. Rather nice. This all gender thing and those boys in pink. Reminds me of strawberry ice cream, slurp! ;)

And the results were

Most importantly, there was also bubble milk and many other kinds of edibles at the venue!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Imaging Chula

I am in university again. For the first time in one with good food!

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok has a co-operative canteen that sells an amazing range of yummy Thai food at dart cheap price. Although this is the best thing about Chula, I have been told the university is also famous for being one of the oldest and best educational institutions in South-East Asia etc. It seems some people (read Thamasad University, Chula’s soccer rivals) also insist they are just the oldest but those are unimportant details. And thankfully there is very little of this big university comes between the canteen and me. It is less than 2 minutes away from my room.

My first few days went into taking photos of all the food that I have been eating. I am taking pictures so that I do not repeat the same dish. Before I leave Thailand, I want to taste everything that they have. But after about 10 days of doing this, I realised, no matter how many photos I take or how many ever things I eat, I will never be able to eat everything Thailand has to offer. It is like trying to reach the end of time or space.

This realization however strangely was a relief. I felt light as the burden of having to eat everything lifted off me (could also be the fact that I stopped eating four meals a day consisting of at least 3 kinds of meat and fish) and I decided to go have a look at the other things in the university. In the process I also took some photos, Downloading them, I found out that my camera was permanently set to take food photos at the co-op canteen. So they came about rather queer. Thankfully, there are also such things called photo editors and I fiddled them around to make them marginally presentable. Some beyond recognition. But how does that matter?

Chula main campus, seen from the entrance. No, that is not my palace.

Chula is lovely to walk about. Sometimes around the king, sometimes around his gardens.

Another tree-lined lane

This is the book store at Chula. They have many books. In Thai. We went there to buy Chula T-shirts for the historical soccer match that is being played between Chula and Thamasad University. The rivals have played each other for ages. Each team has feelings towards each other similar to what the US of A has towards terrorism in other countries. The match is tomorrow Saturday, 25th Feb, 2012.

The Darma Centre where one can meditate. They also hold lectures on spiritual matters. All in Thai. It is very serene and has lovely trees around it. However, the most spiritual and meditative place I have found, in case you have not figured it out already, is the co-operative canteen.

Apart from the canteen (whose photos I have decided to publish in a multi volume book and hence not published here) the other things I love in Chula are its trees. It has many trees. Many shady corners. Every day when I walk around to digest my canteen food, I fall in love with a new one.